Pregnant Women and Covid-19: Why I got the vaccine


am Sarah X. Miracle, Your miracle mom. In this blog post, I’ll be responding to the question: “Should I get vaccinated when I am pregnant?” If you don’t know already, I am vaccinated. I took a couple of TikTok videos to show the process of me getting vaccinated at the hospital.  A few people have messaged me on whether they should get vaccinated. Some of them are trying to get pregnant, some of them are already pregnant, and some of them are breastfeeding. This is no way any kind of medical advice, this is me sharing my experience, what I’ve gone through and hopefully it helps you make your own decision as well. 

“Should pregnant women get vaccinated?”

When the vaccine just came out, everyone was advised to go and get it. But pregnant women were in this kind of grey zone. There have not been enough trials done with pregnant women to show whether or not the vaccine would have any adverse effects for the pregnant women and the unborn baby. 

But now that they have gone through thousands of trials in the United States. There has been growing evidence that if you are pregnant and you do get the virus, you have a higher chance of getting a very complicated sickness such as:

  • Preeclampsia
  • Coagulopathy
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Pulmonary embolism 

These complications would not be something you would face if you were not pregnant. So that’s No.1 that has been found out and it’s one of the main reasons why you should get vaccinated. 

Is the vaccine safe for pregnant women?

I could share from my own personal experience what happened to me when I got the pfizer jab. Both the pfizer and moderna one are actually mRNA and they are not life-cultured. 

For me, I had no fever or flu-like symptoms. It was kinda odd. But the area that was jabbed was very sore. The second time we got the jab, everyone was saying that “oh usually the second time, you will have a more adverse reaction. It’s gonna knock you out. 

Mark was out for a day and a half. He was really lethargic and had abit of fever and he was in bed. So I looked at him and I was like “Man, I might get worse”. But the reality was I had it actually better than him, I didn’t have the same level of lethargy and tiredness, I felt like normal pregnant tiredness. The doctor was saying that you might get a fever. But all these can be treated with pregnancy safe drugs like tylenol, paracetamol. 

Is the vaccine safe for the baby?

These antibodies that are created by your own natural body response actually do cross over the placenta and do offer the baby immunity as well when the baby is born. So that’s probably one of the biggest reasons why you should get vaccinated because it means that your baby will also be protected. And that’s amazing because even children like Leon who is 6, can’t get vaccinated. But by the time this baby is born, this child will actually be vaccinated. And that’s really important for social situations because we can’t continue to live in the vacuum and not meet a single person in our lives.

When is an ideal time to get vaccinated?

For me, my obstetrician didn’t want me to get vaccinated until my 21st week mark. However, I do know that some major hospitals (eg. KKH) recommends that any time from the 13th week onwards, it’s a good time to get vaccinated. So if you are in the process of that, I would highly encourage you to ask your obstetrician when the ideal time would be. In fact, medical information changes from time to time. By the time you watch this video, there might have been new evidence that you could get vaccinated even as early as your 4th or 6th week of pregnancy. Please look up to your obstetrician for the latest medical research and advice. 

Should you get vaccinated while you are breastfeeding?

The information has been updated recently that you don’t have to take a breastfeeding break which was previously advised to be 5-7 days. You can continue to breastfeed even after you have been vaccinated. But if you are not feeling well, that’s another thing. In terms of the actual science, it doesn’t really affect your breast milk production. You should continue with your dose as per schedule rather than putting it off further down. 

I am currently 13 weeks away from being due so the pressure is very real for me – but I am very glad that I got vaccinated. I hope you consult your doctor as well about this option, I am Sarah X Miracle, your miracle mom, till next time, stay safe. 

Close Up Elisabeth by Gemma Chua-Tran
Close Up Elisabeth by Gemma Chua-Tran

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