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Toyota 7 Seater: Best Family Car 2022?

Best 7 Seater SUVs in Singapore

Best Family Car 2021 - 2022?

So you've decided that you need a new family car. We've been there! We have some experiences to share being a family of five. Buying a new car is a big ticket item and a huge decision, so we've shared some factors to consider as well in making your decision. And our true life story of choosing our current family car.

    Best Family Car 2022? Common choices:

    1. Volvo XC90
    2. Land Rover Discovery & Discovery Sport
    3. Skoda Kodiaq
    4. Volkswagen Touran
    5. Renault Grand Scenic
    6. Mitsubishi Outlander

    Which is the best 7 seater car for families? Many families with two or three children might be looking for a family car to fit the multiple car seats needed. In our case, we have a teenager (who’s pretty adult-sized), a 6-year old, and a baby on the way who wil need an infant seat! At times we will also be needing to bring our domestic helper along with us. This drove us to think about changing our existing MPV, a Renault Grand Scenic (from 2016) which was a 5+2 seater, to a larger 7-seater MPV, the Toyota Estima / Previa, which we think is one of the best MPV cars to consider in the market for Singapore.

    Video: We share how and why we changed from one 7 seater MPV to another 7 seater car that we felt was more suited to our family’s growing needs.

    Renault Grand Scenic Pros & Cons?

    Our review of the Renault Grand Scenic after driving it for 5 years as of August 2021: 

    1. Economical – due to diesel engine, we had great mileage out of this car. In 5 years we drove around 83,000km. A full tank on average for this was only 80 Singapore Dollars! And a full tank estimated mileage was 600-700km. 
    2. Lovely aesthetic, with the option for beautiful tan leather seats (one of the reasons why we initially chose this car) 
    3. Large boot space (when the last two seats are flat) – In fact, we loved how the back seats could flatten completely (unlike some other MPVs). 
    4. GREAT Sound System! Being music lovers and musicians, we made this a high criteria as well when we initially went MPV shopping. 
    5. Compact MPV design: the 7 seater requirement was because we knew we needed to fit two kids and a helper. It was a very compact and space efficient design and we ended up maximising boot space more than using the extra 2 back seats.

    However, we faced some problems over time with the Grand Scenic: 

    1. Battery constantly needed to be replaced – we checked receipts, and it was every single year. Normally, batteries last 2-3 years. This meant that we faced random, unexpected times where the car would not start and we had to pay AA or Renault service hotline to send a repairman to help to change the battery (which cost a lot more!) The battery is also not the cheapest either (compared to Asian car models). 
    2. It was not a TRUE 7 seater, unlike the some other MPV models such as the Toyota Estima / Preview and the Honda Odyssey, because there was very little legroom (almost none) for the 2 seats at the back. However, if you have SMALL KIDS (less than 10 years old), the back seats work perfect.

    Why the Toyota Estima is still the best family car for us?

    Here’s why we loved our new 7-seater MPV, the Toyota Estima / Previa:

    1. LARGER SPACE! Simply put, the entire volume of the seats of the car are much larger than the Grand Scenic. 

    2. Automatic Car Doors for the Back Seats and Boot Door – we can control this from a control panel that’s above the driver’s seat, a really nifty function. 

    3. Automatic Control for the Moonroof – the Grand Scenic was just a manual pull mechansm
    4. Quiet Drive: very quiet and peaceful driving experience – compared to the Grand Scenic which had the sound of the diesel engine running at the back all the time

    5. Higher Vantage Point: the Toyota Estima / Previa sits pretty high and while the Grand Scenic


    6. Cheaper Parts replacement: for example, brake pads (original parts) were only about $130. Not an exact comparison, however the Grand Scenic battery cost $245-$380 excluding labour. 


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